"I have been part of a great yoga community for eight years now. You never know what you are capable of until you challenge yourself."

~Suzanne Blom in Halasana at Yoga House

"I am very much a type-A, stressful person and my job doesn't lend toward peace of mind. I came back to yoga after a 2 year absence to realize I had forgotten the peace of mind the practice brings. I enjoy physical challenge, but for me the spiritual and physical benefits are exponential."

~Joe O'Donnell in Utkatasana at Yoga House

"Yoga practice allows my spirit to awaken all that is good within me, and discard that which no longer serves me."

~AnnMarie Teel in upavistha Konasana variation at Yoga House.

"I practice yoga to keep my whole body strong and healthy, but also to maintain a sense of peace when facing life's challenges"

~ Kathryn Keiper in spinal twist bind at Yoga House.

Lisa & Hayley Goldner in Partner Tripod Headstand at Yoga House. 

"I love Yoga because it gives me an hour in my day to just focus on me. Regardless of the stresses of my day, coming to my mat allows me to reconnect with myself and get centered. Its also something that my family loves doing and brings us all together."
~Hayley Goldner.

"Yoga has given me better awareness of my body, both on the inside and the outside."
~Lisa Goldner

"As a post-cancer patient, I struggle with cramping, tightness and pain in my muscles during the winter and summer months. Honestly, without the benefits of yoga in my life, I don't know where I would be."

~ Helen Ecklund in Balasana at Yoga House

"In a world that is sometimes stressful and high paced; yoga allows me to remain focused mentally, physically and spiritually."

~Casey Reece in Trikonasana variation at Yoga House.

"I walk out feeling better than when I walked in."

~Diane Verdi in Arda Chandrasana at Yoga House.

"I have found internal focus, balance and peace with yoga practice"

~ Alicia Delong in Anjali Mudra at Yoga House.

"Yoga reminds me to be present and peaceful; to keep my body and mind strong and flexible, and to be conscious of the effects I have on all other beings so that I may empower a ripple of love and compassion. For me yoga reaches far beyond the physical poses and allows me to experience life more awake, and to see the light in others as well. I love teaching yoga because there is nothing more rewarding than being a part of someone's transformation."

-Nikol Kallinteris in Parvritta hasta patangusthasana at Yoga House.

“Remembering that everything changes with time can be a great advantage."

~Curt Rutledge in Vasisthasana bind at Yoga House.

"Love the stretch from my back foot to the tip of my fingers in side angle. That's what yoga is all about; fingers one way - toes

another, and me right in the present."

~Marc Blau in Parsvakonasana at Yoga House

"Yoga has helped guide me down a path towards a well balanced life."
~Allie Molner in Eka Pada Raja Kapotasna at Yoga House

"When I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia two years ago, I decided to try yoga as a holistic approach to heal my body. Yoga has helped to strengthen the areas of my body where I had previously felt the most pain and weakness; now I feel a sense of relief and control. In the beginning it was a struggle, but with time and dedication and with pose modifications, I began to feel the benefits of yoga and fell in love with it. I find myself craving the next class."

~Rosanna Boyer in Vrksasana at Yoga House

"Any practicing Yogi/Yogini would usually have a meditation practice also. This helps us to manage the ever changing, constantly chattering mind which creates tension and prevents us from being focused. 
Meditation can be practiced for many reasons: relaxation of the mind and body; blood pressure and cardiovascular health; developing concentration or one pointed-ness of the mind; preparing the spiritual seeker for spiritual enlightenment; overcoming insomnia; a mind that is free from negative thoughts; and self-discipline. The practice of meditation is not easy; however, with sustained practice it becomes easier and the benefits are multifaceted."

~Swamini Ramananda in Sukhasana at Yoga House

"The Vinyasa quality of "moving mediation," along with daily seated meditation, allows me to center myself when my world feels out of balance and lacking in stillness. Yoga has opened my eyes to see the person within, who I really am. My practice helped me find myself at a time when I felt lost."

~Gina Cerbone Virabhadrasana B at Yoga House.

"Yoga has given me my inner life back. It allows me to re-enter my Quiet Room. It gives me the ability to breath and grow the inner light within me while enjoying everyone's own ability to enjoy themselves. Peace and love to all. Namaste!"

~Karen Hart in Bhujangasana at Yoga House

Chris & Curt in Bhujapidasana variation at Yoga House.

"I practice yoga to become more flexible, and because it's different from other forms of exercise; yoga makes you feel better mentally, not just physically.

Yoga is extremely relaxing and I always feel better after practice. "
~Chris Keiper 

"It's not a work out - It's a work in." 
~Curt Rutledge 

"I have noticed over time the many health benefits that come from yoga poses such as mental clarity and physical strength. I also enjoy the social connection that comes from the community of the studio; I have made a lot of good friends here."

~Soula Casagrande in Vasisthasana Vrksasana at Yoga House.

"Yoga has helped me to reverse old habits"

~ Marc Blau in Eka Pada Rajakapotasana at Yoga House.

"Practicing yoga for the last three years at Yoga House has profoundly changed my life. I'm infinitely more flexible and have greater strength. Plus my immune system has greatly improved. And much to my delight, my golf handicap has dropped several points because of yoga."

~ Kitty Jones in Vasisthasana Parsva Tarasana at Yoga House

"You are never too old to start."

~Jan Blom in Arda Adho Mukha Vrksasana at Yoga House

"Yoga is such an awesome experience. If you haven't started, then get to it my friends! Yoga is an ancient art which helps us to create balance in our bodies and find awareness in our breath. This leads to maintaining balance in all aspects of daily life. Yoga teaches you how to find peace when there is a lot of noise going on around you. In turn, your day at work or school becomes more bearable. Yoga is not just for women; if you think that, then think again! Connecting with your body and breath will propel you to new heights of athletic accomplishments and health for all people. I started having more control of my breath and found I wasn't even getting tired during strenuous exercises while training. So if you haven't started, then you should have started yesterday. Thank you Yoga House."

~Joel Raffaeli in Vasisthasana at Yoga House

Madalyn & Pyper in virabhadrasana B at Yoga House.

"Yoga gets my mind off school and I feel it will improve my focus when I'm playing softball - especially when I'm up to bat. Laying in savasana at the end, I felt powerful, like I could do anything. I believe yoga is a way of life."

~Madalyn Drozal 

"I think people should do yoga because it makes you feel more confident and it's soothing. Its very calming and stress relieving. And it's fun. I heart yoga. I plan on continuing to do yoga throughout my lifetime."
~Pyper Drozal 

"What does yoga means to me? For me yoga is a balance between ease and effort. As I move through my practice parts of me are working hard and yet there are are parts of me softening, parts that don't need to be as involved at any given moment. Then the challenge comes of taking that off the mat and into real life. Balancing ease and effort, yin and yang throughout my daily life as best as I can. What I like most about teaching is actually teaching the previous philosophy. Yes, you can work hard, you can sweat but not every muscle in your body needs to be working so hard at the same time. Mentally yoga can be frustrating and certain poses may seem illusive. Even meditation can seem impossible. But learning to soften the mind, quiet down the chatter & let it go. Sthira and sukum, ease and effort."

~Jamie Sullivan in Urdva Mukasvanasana at Yoga House.

"Yoga keeps my body feeling good through the physical and emotional demands of pregnancy. The practice allows me to slow down and provides a time to bond with my baby and connect with my body in preparation for birth and the journey of motherhood."

~Lisa Bush in Ustrasana variation at Yoga House.

"As a retired person, yoga reminds me to find time for myself after years of working a full time job. Through the practice I am able to get in touch with my body again; to become more limber and generally feel better all around."

~Margie Heitman in Baddha Konasana at Yoga House.

"I began attending yoga to work on my self care while completing Grad School. I am loving every second of it! it has really been helping me to relax and look inward. I love you Yoga House and feel so at home here."

~Heidi Meissner in Sukhasana at Yoga House 

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