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Mellow Flow with Nikol Kallinteris
Thursday 9/6 at 6 PM
All Levels & Beginners Welcome!

FREE Guided Meditation
Friday 9/7 at 1:30 PM
With Hindu Monk Swamini Ramanda
*No Experience Necessary

Labor Day - Holiday Schedule
Join us on 9/3 for Vinyasa Flow at 9 AM.
*Evening classes canceled.

* Please Note
Saturday Beginner Yoga has been canceled.






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Autumn Equinox Sale
9/14/18 Through 9/28/18

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6 Months Unlimited Yoga $500 $400-Save $100







Begins 9/15/18

With Richie Roche
Saturdays at 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM

* Pay per class/ $15 cash only. 

* Does not apply to yoga packages and memberships.


Tai Chi/Qi Gong is an ancient form of Chinese martial arts, as well as the study and practice of nurturing your own life force;

this is a low impact physical workout, which can be adjusted to suit anyone of any age in any condition of health.

Characterized by simple, gentle and continuous movements with an emphasis on internal energy and calm, quiet awareness.
This practice requires that you combine movement with your thoughts, feelings and energy. 








* * *

Singing Bowls Sound Meditation

Guided by Nikol Kallinteris

Sunday 9/23/18 at 7 PM to 7:45 PM

$10. Drop-ins welcome or register in advance (Click Here)

*Please arrive early, door will be locked when session begins.



Sound Vibration is scientifically proven to restore and balance

the physical, mental, emotional and energetic realms of the individual; promoting health and well-being. 

The resonance of sound waves induces an effortless trance upon the receiver which allows access into deep meditative states.

The vibration Frequency of various tones has the ability to attune the body and entrain the electrical currents of the brain.

One does not need to be consciously aware of the effects of sound resonance, as it happens naturally and without effort.

The vibration of sound waves penetrates the recipient’s energy field and attunes the individual with the universal flow of pure energy. 
Sound medicine has been used for centuries through various cultures around the world to invoke our inherent ability for transformation on all levels.





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