Jenna Brown

Salutations! I’m Jenna Brown 200 Hr RYT, an adventure seeking, nature loving and free spirited yogi. I love laughter, finding the happiness in life and letting my OM out. I was first drawn to yoga to help with the bursitis in my hips, I stayed because of the way it felt to my heart.

I began yoga during a transitional period of my life, discovering that it complimented my inward journey and helped me live in the moment. Wanting to share the joy I’ve found in yoga is what has inspired me to teach. I love the the power of a vinyasa class, sprinkled with some quiet meditation. Creating an open and safe space to help students look within to explore both their mental and physical practice is what I strive for. I love connecting with my students and watching them grow in their practice.

Jenna Brown instructs the following:
  • This open level yoga class fuses beginner and intermediate poses through both flow and static movement. A perfect blend of the basics while journeying into deeper expressions of poses makes this class suitable for ambitious beginners as well as devoted yogis. Emphasis will be placed on breath control, relaxation and meditation along with physical postures (asana) promoting mental and physical alignment. Students can expect to leave class with a sense of well being, a cheerful face and brighter eyes.
    *This class is suitable for ambitious beginner students as well as practicing yogis.