Dina Kallinteris

Dina Kallinteris stumbled upon yoga in 2003 in the basement of an old art shop on South Street in Philadelphia. Throughout the years and busyness of life, she always found herself back on her mat as it would provide a space for exploring, healing and growing.
As a mental health professional she recognized the strong need for yoga in people lives and embarked on her journey to become a certified instructor.

Dina Kallinteris instructs the following:
  • This class moves slowly and peacefully through the softer side of poses focusing on stretching and surrendering. Yin poses and moon salutations give us an opportunity to go deeper and explore the inner body. This is a quieting practice which aids in cooling the body and shifting our energy inward for reflection, healing and intuitive awakening.
    *Gentle and suitable for all levels, including beginners.

  • This class unites ujjayi breath with continuous movement to create vinyasa flow. The breath-synchronized movement includes a variety of poses smoothly transitioning from one asana into the next both quickly and slowly, allowing for a relaxing, invigorating, meditative and reviving total body muscular and cardio work out. The student can expect to build internal heat, increase heart rate and oxygen consumption, sweat and release toxins, while building strength, flexibility and endurance. Vinyasa flow is an overall physical and mental work out (a moving meditation) as the student learns to discover peace in the midst of challenge…this state of mind is known as “yoga bliss” or “the yoga zone.”
    *This class is suitable for ambitious beginner students as well as practicing yogis.

  • This class offers a balance of strength building poses intermixed with standing and seated stretches. We will focus on alignment, breath control, meditation and deeper awareness.
    *This class is geared toward Level 1/2 Practitioners.