Kristen Capozzolo

For Kristen Capozzolo, 200 RYT, the continuous practice of yoga has been a transformative journey. Her mat has become an anchor in her life, providing an avenue to sanctuary, relief, self love and personal growth. Her hope is to offer everyone an opportunity to develop a deeper, more compassionate conversation with their minds, bodies and spirits through the unfolding of their practice.
Kristen currently works in the mental health field and and is a graduate of the 200 hour yoga teacher training at Boundless Yoga Studio. She plans to complete her restorative Certification in September, and hopes to continue her education exploring both yin and tantric yoga.

Kristen Capozzolo instructs the following:
  • This class consists of tuning into the inner body through long-held stretches. We will take the time to ease into poses and invite space and length into the soft tissues of the body. By learning to listen to the body and respecting its requests, we may begin to understanding when the body has invited us to safely go in deeper. It is time and not intensity which make the difference here. The essence of yin yoga is in yielding and acceptance.
    *This class is suitable for all levels.

  • This class moves slowly and gently through yoga poses; combining a mild flow with restorative poses and yin (stretching) poses, and sometimes incorporating chair and wall yoga depending on the needs of the group. Meditation (inward reflection) and pranayama (breath work) are also a part of this class to assist in the journey of finding stillness and awareness of the moment. This class invites you into a peaceful environment to Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit, and find deep inner peace.
    *This class is suitable for students of all levels; including those who are working with injuries or physical restrictions.