Kathleen B. Covalt, Ed.D.

Kathleen B. Covalt, Ed.D. has studied philosophy, psychology, counseling, education, intuitive development, energetic healing, animal sentience, and culturally diverse spiritual paths. Her academic credentials include a Doctoral Degree in Educational Psychology from Northern Illinois University (1996).
Her Doctoral Dissertation explored using Guided Imagery to reduce Math anxiety. In addition, she has a Masters Degree in Psychological Counseling from the University of Notre Dame (1983).

Dr. Covalt has synthesized the most compelling of her findings into innovative presentations that she has taught at universities, hospitals, and local venues. Her deep desire is to help humanity’s evolving consciousness.
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Kathleen B. Covalt, Ed.D. instructs the following:
  • SPECIAL EVENT $20 * The Rainbow Body: Humanity‚Äôs Continuing Evolution *
  • The Rainbow Body: Humanity’s Continuing Evolution, With Kathleen B. Covalt, Ed.D.
    Within Tibetan Buddhism there is a teaching that prepares human beings to achieve an enlightened state of being called the Rainbow Body. At or near the time of death, there is an acceleration of the frequency of the physical body which dissolves it into rainbow colored light. The result is a rebirth into a luminous body that can live and travel beyond our physical earth. This class will explore evidence of people who have attained the Rainbow Body in Buddhist and Christian traditions.
    * This is an informational presentation, we will not do physical activities during this event.
    * $20 Fee / Not Applicable to Yoga Class Cards or Memberships. Drop ins welcome, no need to sign up.