Mindy Lasoski

I attended my first hot yoga class in 2010 with little previous experience with yoga. With one class, I stumbled onto my path. Within 6 months, yoga had changed my body, and started to change my life.
Yoga has taught me what it truly means to have compassion, and has introduced me to myself. I still learn more with every practice.
As a teacher, my goal is to share the love that yoga has brought me with each soul I meet along the way – and my hope is to watch many transformations.
I am 200 hour CYT trained in the Bikram yoga style under Molly Cornell at Melt Hot Yoga, 200 CYT hour trained in vinyasa style from Peace of Mind Yoga, also certified in Hot Stretch under Vimana Yoga, and 300 CYT Through LivFree Power Yoga.

Mindy Lasoski instructs the following:
  • The power flow class moves fluidly through yoga poses at a faster pace creating a flow of postures that follow the breath and build internal heat. Power Flow is a form of cardio-yoga which increases blood flow and helps the body to sweat. Regular cardiovascular exercise helps to maintain heart health, reduce body fat, lower blood pressure, combat arthritis, and reduce stress.... all while building beautiful lean muscles.
    * This class is not recommended for beginner students.