Bjarni Nermoe

Bjarni Nermoe began his yogic journey in 2008 with a strong dedication to the Vinyasa practice. He received his 200 CYT from Peace of Mind yoga studio and and 300 CYT Through LivFree Power Yoga.
Attracted to the more subtle aspects of the yoga discipline, Bjarni feels a deeper spiritual connection to his practice through the focus of breath work in poses. As a musician he is drawn to sound vibration and enjoys meditative music. In the future he plans to use sound, breath and movement as a tool for creating a powerful mind and body experience. In addition, Bjarni has a passion for travel, the arts and sharing his love of yoga.

Bjarni Nermoe instructs the following:
  • This class offers an energetic flow designed to deepen the breath while incorporating pose variations to modify or challenge the body. By recognizing our uniqueness we may begin to honor our differences and become inspired to live more authentically, loving every breath, and growing beyond our wildest dreams.

    Find your edge; leave something on your mat.

    Live, Love, Flow!!!