AnnMarie Teel

AnnMarie Teel, 200RYT, began her journey with yoga in 2008 and completed her teacher training at Boundless Yoga Studio in Stroudsburg, Pa in 2015.
AnnMarie was drawn to Mind Body connection of the yoga practice; the physical asanas for the body and the philosophy and meditation for the mind were a perfect fit for her lifestyle.
Teaching yoga enables her to pass on her love of yoga to others.Bare feet, comfortable clothes and a mat equal happiness!

AnnMarie Teel instructs the following:
  • This class moves slowly, gracefully and continuously through various poses, taking the time to come into each pose and then smoothly transitioning into the next pose creating vinyasa flow. Uniting Ujjayi breath with continuous movement, vinyasa flow is an overall physical and mental work out (a moving meditation). The breath-synchronized movement creates a relaxing, invigorating, meditative and reviving total body work out.
    *This class is suitable for ambitious beginner students as well as practicing yogis.