Chuck Wood

Chuck Wood is a multi percussionist from Northwest New Jersey who has recorded and toured the U.S. with his friend Arjun Alan Bruggeman (currently with Krishna Das) in their world percussion band known as Ghandharva. He has also appeared live or recorded with Michael Franti, Ganga Giri, Neal Casal, David Darling, Shannon McNally, John Ginty, Robert Randolph, Tribe After Tribe (featuring the South African musician Robbie Robb, Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam and Doug Pinnick of King’s Three Fish, Anthony Krizon (Spin Doctors), From Good Homes and Roamin’Gabriels.

Instruments he plays are West African in nature, including the djembe, doun doun and shekeree; some are also rooted in the South American culture such as the congas and berimbau. He has studied these various instruments with Baba Olatunji, M’Beba Bangoura, Titos Sompa, Mohammed Camera, Yaya Nelson, Ladji Camera, Mar Gueye and Glen Webber.

Since 2004, Chuck has been exploring the art of accompanying Yoga classes with live drumming. This exploration has led him across the US playing for various styles of yoga such as Anusara, Vinyasa Flow, Kripalu and Hatha, putting him on the leading edge of the yoga and live music scene that is flourishing across the country.

Starting this endeavor out as a solo performer, he would later involve guitarist Colin Allured from North Carolina. Together they would evolve into his most recent project known as Dhamaru, performing at yoga studios and retreats throughout the country. They released a full length self titled CD in August of 2010 and are currently working on a follow up disc due for release in 2013. In November 2011 their song 'Mantra Dance' was added to the compilation Seva CD which has been produced and released by The Kripalu center for yoga and health in Stockbridge,MA.

Chuck also accompanies many forms of dance including African dance, Modern, jazz, tap and NIA. He enjoys playing for free form dance styles as well, such as trance dance and ecstatic dance. He has worked with choreographers Mark Morris, Jo Ann Jones and Kim Pinto, NIA co-creator Debbie Rosas, Caroline Kohles and Casey Bernstein, and Yoga Trance Dance instructors Amy Jeanette and Mary Ellen Ricks.

Whether performing solo or with a band, Chuck loves the art of music and rhythm and continues to explore its depths through live performance and recording.


CD's available:
Dhamaru –
Full length self titled CD
Ghandharva –
Full length self titled CD


CONTACT INFO: Email: Phone: 908-852-6172


Chuck Wood is currently not instructing any classes.