Gina Cerbone

Gina Cerbone, 200 RYT, began her yogic journey in 2010 as she developed a strong connection to her Vinyasa practice which led her to complete a teacher training program with Delia Quigley and Denise Kay in July 2013.

For Gina, the Vinyasa quality of "moving mediation," coupled with her daily seated meditation, allows her to center herself when her world feels out of balance and lacking in stillness. Gina feels that Yoga has opened her eyes to see the person within, who she really is. Her practice helped her to find herself at a time when she felt lost. Gina believes that human nature is an important aspect of teaching yoga and a path to gain insight into others as well as one’s self by giving and receiving (sharing) the gift of yoga.

In addition to yoga, Gina has an extensive interest in things that make the world culturally diverse and intrinsically reachable for the individual. She has a big love for the arts; dancing, photography and painting; often examining the deeper meaning behind brush strokes, the artist and the culture or history that arose from a certain piece.

Gina holds her BA in Fine Arts, from Saint Joseph’s University. In the future, she plans to continue her education and receive her Masters Degree in Nutrition.


Gina Cerbone instructs the following:
  • This open level yoga class fuses beginner and intermediate poses through both flow and static movement. A perfect blend of the basics while journeying into deeper expressions of poses makes this class suitable for ambitious beginners as well as devoted yogis. Emphasis will be placed on breath control, relaxation and meditation along with physical postures (asana) promoting mental and physical alignment. Students can expect to leave class with a sense of well being, a cheerful face and brighter eyes.
    *This class is suitable for ambitious beginner students as well as practicing yogis.

  • This class offers a happy combination of invigorating sun energy and cooling moon energy. Together we will flow through a vinyasa practice balanced with stretching to attain a state of deep inner harmony and total body wellness.
    *All Levels welcome!