Richie Roche

Having had experience in several related arts, it was approximately 10 years ago that Richie began the serious study of Tai Chi and Qigong.
After several years with different teachers, Richie had in his words, "...found the teacher for whom I had been searching ...I had the great good fortune to meet Master William Ting." Since that time Richie has been a diligent student of Master Ting's.
Since 2003 Richie has been in charge of the Tai Chi/qigong program at Deerfield Spa where his responsibilites have included teaching all of the classes, as well as, a weekly lecture on the subject. He is currently conducting classes at the East Stroudsburg University, Totts Gap Art Institute, and the Church of the Mountain , in Delaware Water Gap of Pennsylvania, with other classes to be announced soon.

Contact Richie at:
PO Box 182 Shawnee-on-Del, PA 18356
(570) 421-0190

Richie Roche instructs the following:
  • T'AI CHI / QIGONG * Pay per class / $15 cash only
  • * Pay per class/ $15 cash only. Does not apply to yoga packages and memberships.

    Tai Chi/Qi Gong is an ancient form of Chinese martial arts, as well as the study and practice of nurturing your own life force; this is a low impact physical workout, which can be adjusted to suit anyone of any age in any condition of health. Characterized by simple, gentle and continuous movements with an emphasis on internal energy and calm, quiet awareness.
    This practice requires that you combine movement with your thoughts, feelings and energy.

    *Cash only. Pay per class at the studio.