Staff List

Nikol Kallinteris
Nikoleta Kallinteris is the Founder & Director of Yoga House Stroudsburg Inc., 2011. She began her yogic journey in 2006 through the practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Nikol is Certified in Hatha Yoga 500 E-RYT, Restorative Yoga, and Anatomy Studies for Yoga Teachers - ASFYT Series 1, 2 & 3.
A seeker at heart, Nikol perceives that yoga is the way of pure consciousness and universal harmony. In her class one may expect to unify movement with stillness by linking poses, breath and meditation to create a bond between the physical and spiritual elements of life.
Nikol has studied with some of our great teachers; Jennifer Allen, Chris Loebsack, Manju Jois, Paulie Zink, Doug Swensen, Tao Porchon, Jason Ray Brown and Kino MacGregor. Into the future she plans to advance her studies and experience in the ancient roots of the 8 limbs of yoga.
In addition, Nikol is a talented Crystal Bowl Practitioner and Meditation Guide through the use of Sound Vibration. She holds her BA in Communications, AA in Psychology and Fashion Design; also Certification in Graphic Design and Special Effects Make-up Artistry. 

Nikol is a loving friend of the earth and all who dwell therein. She follows a vegan lifestyle and volunteers/donates to many of the local animals rescues and community fundraising and wellness events.


Susan Frantz
Susan Frantz, 200 CYT, began practicing yoga in 1998 and received her training in kripalu yoga in the year 2001. She has had the honor of taking workshops and studying with universally known and great teachers; Michele Megargle, " Yoganand", Micheal Carrol and Rudy Pierce from Kripalu, Shiva Rea, David Swenson and many others. Susan grew up surfing on the shores of South Jersey and continues to surf in the mountains of Pennsylvania by riding the waves of all her experiences, raising a family, painting pictures, kayaking,cross- country skiing, hiking, and living life. "Breathe, relax, feel, watch and allow”, the art of “Being fully present”... yoga has made all that possible.
Swamini Ramananda
Swamini Ramananda Saraswati, a Sannyasini (Hindu monk), is a teacher of Vedanta and Sanskrit and is a long-time disciple and student of the internationally known scholar of Sanskrit and Vedanta, His Holiness Swami Dayananda Saraswati, founder of Arsha Vidya Ashram Gurukulam in Saylorsburg,PA and in India. Swamini Ramananda was initiated into sannyasa by Pujya Swami Dayananda in a traditional ceremony on the banks of the Holy Ganga River in India. Formerly, she was a university professor in the Psychology Department at East Stroudsburg University teaching a variety of Psychology courses for over 25 years and training mental health counselors. In addition, she had a private practice in Psychology where she treated patients with emotional problems. Swamini has two masters degrees and a PHD in Psychology, For over 10 years Swamini Ramananda lived, studied and taught in India. She also resided at the Swami Dayananda Ashram in Rishikesh for four years on the banks of the Holy Ganga River where she was teaching and continuing her sadhana and the study of the ancient Indian Scriptures. Swamini Ramananda has committed her life to the study and teaching of Vedanta, the Knowledge of the Self. Currently she lives and teaches Sanskrit, Indian Philosophy (Vedanta) and Meditation in her own small ashram, which Swami Dayananda named Arsha Jnana Sthana: Center for Self-knowledge. But, since her heart is still in India, she spends 3 to 5 months there every year.
Valerie Klass
Valarie Klass, 200 CYT in Hatha Yoga from Sundari Yoga, was introduced to yoga in 2008 through her Tang So Do Instructor, which awakened the idea of a kinder, gentler way of life and so she made the necessary changes to pursue her new path. She is filled with happiness and light now that she has found her passion in life. Yoga has gifted her the balance she has always searched for in her very busy life and career, as well as the many more rewards that come with the practice and building a strong connection with oneself. Valarie's approach brings focus to the Bhandas and engagement; inviting students to connect, direct and utilize the energy locks within the body and experience the power and essence each pose has to offer. Students can expect to feel clearer and higher states of consciousness.
Valarie is honored to teach and bring together community through yoga; developing new friendships through the amazing people she meets. Valarie plans to teach yoga part time in her retirement and spread love and joy to all who welcome it into their lives. She is currently working as a Regional Manager in Health Care and is registered in both Cardiac and Vascular Ultrasound.
Richie Roche
Having had experience in several related arts, it was approximately 10 years ago that Richie began the serious study of Tai Chi and Qigong.
After several years with different teachers, Richie had in his words, "...found the teacher for whom I had been searching ...I had the great good fortune to meet Master William Ting." Since that time Richie has been a diligent student of Master Ting's.
Since 2003 Richie has been in charge of the Tai Chi/qigong program at Deerfield Spa where his responsibilites have included teaching all of the classes, as well as, a weekly lecture on the subject. He is currently conducting classes at the East Stroudsburg University, Totts Gap Art Institute, and the Church of the Mountain , in Delaware Water Gap of Pennsylvania, with other classes to be announced soon.

Contact Richie at:
PO Box 182 Shawnee-on-Del, PA 18356
(570) 421-0190

Gina Cerbone
Gina Cerbone, 200 RYT, began her yogic journey in 2010 as she developed a strong connection to her Vinyasa practice which led her to complete a teacher training program with Delia Quigley and Denise Kay in July 2013.

For Gina, the Vinyasa quality of "moving mediation," coupled with her daily seated meditation, allows her to center herself when her world feels out of balance and lacking in stillness. Gina feels that Yoga has opened her eyes to see the person within, who she really is. Her practice helped her to find herself at a time when she felt lost. Gina believes that human nature is an important aspect of teaching yoga and a path to gain insight into others as well as one’s self by giving and receiving (sharing) the gift of yoga.

In addition to yoga, Gina has an extensive interest in things that make the world culturally diverse and intrinsically reachable for the individual. She has a big love for the arts; dancing, photography and painting; often examining the deeper meaning behind brush strokes, the artist and the culture or history that arose from a certain piece.

Gina holds her BA in Fine Arts, from Saint Joseph’s University. In the future, she plans to continue her education and receive her Masters Degree in Nutrition.


Jamie Sullivan
Jamie Sullivan began a curious exploration in the practice of yoga in 2008 as she experienced the pleasant and unexpected transformation toward deeper compassion, patience, and self- control. Naturally she felt inclined to share this knowledge with others and she received her 200 CYT from The Yoga Loft of Bethlehem, PA.

In her classes, Jamie encourages her students to be expressive in their practice in a way that feels authentic to them. Taking time to dig deep within a pose, connect to their breath and make each practice their very own. In addition, Jamie feels most at home on the beach, and also enjoys gardening.

Yoga continues to be a source of inward and outward exploration and balance in her everyday life.

Alexyss Schatzman
Alexyss Schatzman is a 200 hour Kripalu trained yoga teacher. Yoga found her in 1999 while she was attending college in Newport, Rhode Island where she played women's soccer and loved living near the ocean. After graduating with a degree in Liberal Arts she moved to Upstate New York. Living at the base of the Adirondacks is where she dove in head first to yoga and became even more passionate about both yoga and being active outdoors. She found wonderful teachers that inspired her to continue her yoga journey, starting with various classes, workshops, and then moving on to more in depth training. She received her certification in 2004, at Kripalu Yoga Center in Massachusetts, which brought such a joy and new understanding into her practice and her teachings. Alexyss then went on to teach studio classes, in home classes, and private classes for both children and adults. She also attended the DONA doula training workshops combined with the home study program. Apprenticing under some amazing women as a birth doula until she birthed her first son. Alexyss is now a homeschooling mama of three children. Her passions and focus are on her family life, enriching her children and her self through nature, baking, cooking, yoga, books, sharing the importance of local food through local farms & homemade goodness, plus lots of creative arts. Her whole family has a love of nature and you can find them often hiking, in a kayak, swimming, around a bonfire, in a forest, on a farm, at an ocean, river, creek, or on the slopes. She stepped away from teaching since having her own kids but is excited to be back teaching and sharing this time with you and your family.
Note from Alexyss: I often get many requests about classes, which is so great! Mostly about ages and times. I have tried weekends, weekday mornings, weekday afternoons. I have also tried to touch on all the genres including babies, toddlers, mama & me, homeschool classes, classes for older age groups, seasonal workshops, sleepy time and more. I have loved all the different classes, such fun to teach a variety of ages and styles. Unfortunately I can not have all these classes all the time but I do love to hear from you! If you have been searching for a certain class I would love to help create that! As soon as you have found 6 students that can pre register for a session we can get a class going. Many thanks & as always feel free to ask me questions or concerns.
A note from Alexyss: I often get many requests about classes, which is so great! Mostly about ages and times. I have tried weekends, weekday mornings, weekday afternoons. I have also tried to touch on all the genres including babies, toddlers, mama & me, homeschool classes, classes for older age groups, seasonal workshops, sleepy time and more. I have loved all the different classes, such fun to teach a variety of ages and styles. Unfortunately I can not have all these classes all the time but I do love to hear from you! If you have been searching for a certain class I would love to help create that! As soon as you have found 6 students that can pre register for a session we can get a class going. Many thanks & as always feel free to ask me questions or concerns.
AnnMarie Teel
AnnMarie Teel, 200RYT, began her journey with yoga in 2008 and completed her teacher training at Boundless Yoga Studio in Stroudsburg, Pa in 2015.
AnnMarie was drawn to Mind Body connection of the yoga practice; the physical asanas for the body and the philosophy and meditation for the mind were a perfect fit for her lifestyle.
Teaching yoga enables her to pass on her love of yoga to others.Bare feet, comfortable clothes and a mat equal happiness!
Bjarni Nermoe
Bjarni Nermoe began his yogic journey in 2008 with a strong dedication to the Vinyasa practice. He received his 200CYT from Peace of Mind yoga studio in Sugarloaf PA. Attracted to the more subtle aspects of the yoga discipline, Bjarni feels a deeper spiritual connection to his practice through the focus of breath work in poses. As a musician he is drawn to sound vibration and enjoys meditative music. In the future he plans to use sound, breath and movement as a tool for creating a powerful mind and body experience. In addition, Bjarni has a passion for travel, the arts and sharing his love of yoga.
Amy McMahon
Amy Lee McMahon found her passion of yoga and meditation at the age of 14. Exploring this unknown path she became aware of her breath, posture and outlook on life. Over 10 years of practicing yoga she healed her Scoliosis along with healing negative thoughts and emotions. Inspired by the positive light yoga creates, she decided to share her inspiration and become a 200 RYT from Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in 2015. She is grateful for how Yoga has the power to transform all aspects of life as well as create a bonding community among people. Amy has a passion for painting, writing poetry, and studying Buddhism. Spiritually connected to each passing moment of the day, Amy always remembers to stop and smell the flowers, smile at the sun, and warmly greet creatures of all kinds. Amy has a genuine passion for nature, animals, and nutrition. She plans on continuing her education in Ayurveda and continue to train for her 300hr yoga teacher certification.

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change”- Buddha

Mindy Lasoski
I attended my first hot yoga class in 2010 with little previous experience with yoga. With one class, I stumbled onto my path. Within 6 months, yoga had changed my body, and started to change my life.
Yoga has taught me what it truly means to have compassion, and has introduced me to myself. I still learn more with every practice.
As a teacher, my goal is to share the love that yoga has brought me with each soul I meet along the way – and my hope is to watch many transformations.
I am 200 hour trained in the Bikram yoga style under Molly Cornell at Melt Hot Yoga, 200 hour trained in vinyasa style from Peace of Mind Yoga, and certified in Hot Stretch under Vimana Yoga.
Kathleen B. Covalt, Ed.D.
Kathleen B. Covalt, Ed.D. has studied philosophy, psychology, counseling, education, intuitive development, energetic healing, animal sentience, and culturally diverse spiritual paths. Her academic credentials include a Doctoral Degree in Educational Psychology from Northern Illinois University (1996).
Her Doctoral Dissertation explored using Guided Imagery to reduce Math anxiety. In addition, she has a Masters Degree in Psychological Counseling from the University of Notre Dame (1983).

Dr. Covalt has synthesized the most compelling of her findings into innovative presentations that she has taught at universities, hospitals, and local venues. Her deep desire is to help humanity’s evolving consciousness.
For more information, visit her website:

Brandy Rutledge
After trying her first yoga class, Brandy was absolutely amazed by the way her body felt, and was hooked. She believes that yoga showed her the way that our bodies are supposed to feel and instantly felt the need to share her passion with others.
While obtaining her bachelors degree in Business Management, she decided to complete her 200 hr yoga teacher training at Boundless Yoga Studio in Stroudsburg PA, and her 50 hr Aerial Yoga teacher training at Om Factory in NYC. She is currently attending her 500 hour advanced teacher training.
Besides yoga, Brandy is absolutely passionate about the beach, animals, and traveling. She enjoys being outside, spending time with her family, and all things pink.
Brandy deeply respects nature and believes in loving all creatures and promoting peace among each other.
Rocio Varela
Rocio started practicing Kundalini yoga in 2007 as a way to recover her health and build her immune system. A few years later in 2012 she fell in love with the discipline and structure of Ashtanga yoga.
Rocio became a student of David C Kyle and was very dedicated to her practice. Inspired by such great teachers at AshtangaYoga Puerto Rico, led her to become a teacher in 2013.
By learning the Primary series, she went into a journey inward that not only saved her physical health but also brought her back to herSelf after going through some difficulties.
A chef by trade, Rocio started teaching Ashtanga yoga part time and has transitioned her daily life to her true purpose; to serve and help people live a better life physically, mentally and emotionally.
Continuing her education, in April 2016 Rocio completed a 40-hour teacher training with David Swenson and also completed 200 hrs of Hatha/Vinyasa Teacher Training at the Yoga Loft in Bethlehem.
Rocio sees herself as a yoga student for LIFE, she continues her yoga education and stays inspired by attending workshops and practicing daily. She truly believes yoga saved her health, and her life and has taught her how to live in joy.
Karen Iracane
In 2012, Karen Iracane was a busy working mom in search of a way to unwind at the end of a hectic day. A dancer since the age of four, she participated in her first yoga class at a dance studio, slept like a log that night, and was immediately hooked.
As she made the move from dancer to yogi, her practice provided her with the opportunity to experience an array of yoga’s physical and emotional benefits. After 5 years, with encouragement from one of her teachers, she completed the 200-RYT hour teacher training program at Boundless Yoga Studio.

Taking inspiration from her dance background, Karen’s style incorporates stretching and gentle flow, combining breath with movement. Her humor and gentle encouragement provide a relaxed environment for all students. She believes everyone should leave class feeling content.

When she’s not on her mat, Karen enjoys reading, cooking, dining al fresco, shopping in downtown Stroudsburg, and spending time with her husband and son.

Kristen Capozzolo
For Kristen Capozzolo, 200 RYT, the continuous practice of yoga has been a transformative journey. Her mat has become an anchor in her life, providing an avenue to sanctuary, relief, self love and personal growth. Her hope is to offer everyone an opportunity to develop a deeper, more compassionate conversation with their minds, bodies and spirits through the unfolding of their practice.
Kristen currently works in the mental health field and and is a graduate of the 200 hour yoga teacher training at Boundless Yoga Studio. She plans to complete her restorative Certification in September, and hopes to continue her education exploring both yin and tantric yoga.
Teri McMahon
Teri McMahon, CYT 200, first dove into yoga about 10 years ago on a whim. As a dancer, the physical practice came naturally, but learning to quiet the mind was a feat. When health complications rose to the surface in following years, with nowhere else to turn, yoga and meditation became her only freedom and release. It’s her goal to encourage students to use their bodies as a vehicle toward health, using breath and movement. There is a lot to learn from your own body, as long as you’re willing to listen!

She is certified in Vinyasa from Prana Yoga Center in La Jolla, CA, studying under Gerhard Gessner and Sara Deakin. In her classes you can expect to strengthen your body and soften your mind with creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness, and a healthy dose of inspiration to help you deepen your practice.

Off her mat, Teri is a music industry professional, great outdoors enthusiast, and always comes prepared with a joke to crack herself up.

Linnette Gomez
I first started my yoga practice back in 2011 after a challenging tour overseas serving Operation Iraqi Freedom with the Army National Guard. Yoga has taught me not only the physical benefits it can bring me but also how to get real with myself, live in the now and ultimately the connection I have with something bigger than myself.

My Journey continues to be transformative today since I’m always learning new things on my mat, which has led to personal growth and change towards a bigger journey.

I chose to dedicate my practice into my life’s work as teacher by first earning my 200hr cert at Green Monkey Yoga studio in Miami, FL. I love to generate heat through a powerful Vinyasa flow, build strength in conditioning, breathe through a soothing gentle and restorative practice and find stillness through meditation.

I always have room for new material and experiences as I consider myself a student for life, learning and growing is my game and choosing to take on new challenges is just all part of the journey. Sharing my practice with you is always a pleasure and I’m always enthused to meet new people and connect.

Rev. Glenda Dawson
Glenda has been a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher for over 20 years. Glenda offers private and public energy balancing sessions based on this ancient, and sacred healing art.

As a Reiki Master, Glenda has taught, and can teach all levels. Glenda is extremely adept at practicing long distance Reiki when it is appropriate. Glenda has been instrumental in setting up and running a Reiki Clinic and practices whenever the need appears to facilitate and promote healing.

Glenda is a Non-Denominational Ordained Minister.

Glenda is the current Matriarch of many generations of gifted women.

Glenda is a well known, documented psychic medium whose diverse Empathic abilities overlap several different classifications. Glenda is also highly skilled as a Card Reader; practiced in many diverse decks. Glenda also facilitates Paranormal Remediation and Resolution all across the United States, where she has served in all aspects of private and public paranormal investigations. Glenda has successfully engaged all levels of activity and entities with her foundation in the practice for greatest good, at all levels.

Glenda has further enhanced her healing facilitation through the learning and practicing of Shiatsu and Hypnosis.

As a Spiritual Advisor, Glenda facilitates the empowerment of relaxation, serenity, healing, and new found, intuitive insights to support clients in fulfilling their lives.

Glenda became aware of her gifts at the early age of 2, when she began to see and speak with her Guardian Archangels. Glenda continues to embrace her gifts to this day to facilitate healing and help those who seek her council. Glenda practices greatest good, dedicatedly; aware of the need.

For more info or private session please contact Glenda at 610-570-2247