This class is taught by:

Nikol Kallinteris

Nikoleta Kallinteris is the Founder & Director of Yoga House Stroudsburg Inc., 2011.
She began her yogic journey in 2006 through the practice of Ashtanga Yoga.

A longtime practioner and guide, she incorporates ancient spiritual tools such as yoga, breathwork, meditation and sound resonance to unify movement with stillness, and to bond the physical and spiritual elements of life. A seeker at heart, Nikol is a loving friend of the earth and follows the Tao of universal harmony.


Nikol has studied with some of our great teachers; Jennifer Allen, Chris Loebsack, Glenda Dawson, Manju Jois, Paulie Zink, Doug Swensen, Tao Porchon, Jason Ray Brown, Sean Corne, and Kino MacGregor. Into the future she plans to advance her studies and experience in the ancient roots of the 8 limbs of yoga.


Credentials: 500 E-RYT Certification in Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Anatomy Studies for Yoga Teacher/ASFYT 1-3. Third Degree Usui Reiki Practitioner. BA Communications/Psychology.


Gina Cerbone

Gina Cerbone, 200 RYT, began her yogic journey in 2010 as she developed a strong connection to her Vinyasa practice which led her to complete a teacher training program with Delia Quigley and Denise Kay in July 2013.

For Gina, the Vinyasa quality of "moving mediation," coupled with her daily seated meditation, allows her to center herself when her world feels out of balance and lacking in stillness. Gina feels that Yoga has opened her eyes to see the person within, who she really is. Her practice helped her to find herself at a time when she felt lost. Gina believes that human nature is an important aspect of teaching yoga and a path to gain insight into others as well as one’s self by giving and receiving (sharing) the gift of yoga.

In addition to yoga, Gina has an extensive interest in things that make the world culturally diverse and intrinsically reachable for the individual. She has a big love for the arts; dancing, photography and painting; often examining the deeper meaning behind brush strokes, the artist and the culture or history that arose from a certain piece.

Gina holds her BA in Fine Arts, from Saint Joseph’s University. In the future, she plans to continue her education and receive her Masters Degree in Nutrition.


Valerie Klass

Valarie Klass, 200 CYT in Hatha Yoga from Sundari Yoga, was introduced to yoga in 2008 through her Tang So Do Instructor, which awakened the idea of a kinder, gentler way of life and so she made the necessary changes to pursue her new path. She is filled with happiness and light now that she has found her passion in life. Yoga has gifted her the balance she has always searched for in her very busy life and career, as well as the many more rewards that come with the practice and building a strong connection with oneself. Valarie's approach brings focus to the Bhandas and engagement; inviting students to connect, direct and utilize the energy locks within the body and experience the power and essence each pose has to offer. Students can expect to feel clearer and higher states of consciousness.
Valarie is honored to teach and bring together community through yoga; developing new friendships through the amazing people she meets. Valarie plans to teach yoga part time in her retirement and spread love and joy to all who welcome it into their lives. She is currently working as a Regional Manager in Health Care and is registered in both Cardiac and Vascular Ultrasound.
*All are welcome - Including new & current students.
*Beginner friendly.
*No need to sign up in advance (please arrive early).
*Please BYO mat ($2. mat rental fee)
*Ask us about our special discounts.
The first Thursday of every month Yoga House offers a free yoga class for new students to explore the studio as well as current students to bring curious friends and family members. The Karma class is "All Level" inviting students of varying (or no) yoga experience to give it a try and see if they like it. *This class is suitable for beginner students and practicing yogis, however it is not suitable for individuals with difficulty getting up/down from the floor, or with extreme limitation in mobility (In this case please ask us about our gentle yoga classes or private sessions).
Karma yoga is an act of selfless service extending kindness, health and prosperity to others while asking for nothing in return. We hope you will enjoy the class.